Whoops, am I now guilty of a hate crime? Yeah, you get the

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Santa Monica Auctions Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the Santa Monica Auctions the legendary show and spectacle that has been a staple of the season since its inception way back when. So for part four of our preview series this year, we wanted to give some love to the auction’s population of LA’s Hometown Heroes the beloved local pillars of the scene, the stars in the artist’s artists firmament. These are the people that are intertwined with the history of the Robert Berman Gallery itself, especially the heady days of the 70’s ’80s and into the early 90’s and so many of those artists are still living and working here who never left, and they are the core of the home team. There’s a great clutch of works here from the late 60s heyday, with not as much pop art as you’d think and instead a prevalence of conceptual abstraction. There’s a lot of color and movement and muscular gestural painting as well as expert printmaking much of which comes out of Berman’s personal and professional roots in the Venice Beach / Cool School world back in the day. The names are impressively renowned, but the works themselves more than live up to the hype of the slate.

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wholesale replica designer handbags Kevin, Yes, crime is crime; your first sentence is correct but what the GOP knows is that this is a way to try to silence those who don’t agree with the present regime. The question is, who will be the thought police? Well, we all know it will be those who say it’s alright to abort babies, commit acts of sodomy, be a pedophile and promote it, hate Christians, censor those who don’t believe in evolution, stifle those who say man made global warning is a hoax, etc. In other words, if this legislation passes we can kiss freedom goodbye. Whoops, am I now guilty of a hate crime? Yeah, you get the picture. The Obama administration supports the ban on gays in the military and further supports continued discrimination against the GL community with his support of the DOMA. So its okay to continue discrimiatory policies of the past as long as no one gets physically hurt? This is a shallow attempt by the administration to win back a group of voters that they are currently losing. As far as this administration is concerned the GL community could be killed in the streets as long as they vote first wholesale replica designer handbags.

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